Take back your orthopedic health in 2023! Whether you are happy with where your mobility stands or trying to make a change, the new year is a great time to introduce new activities. This could mean a new sport or even a new stretch. There is no need to adjust your whole lifestyle when healthy changes can be incorporated into what you already do. 

At South Shore Orthopedics, we work to make your orthopedic health flow seamlessly into your every day. The new year does not have to be an overwhelming time of resolutions. These are new activities that you will enjoy. 

New Activities For Your Orthopedic Health In 2023 

Find Hikes In Your Area 

When the weather is nice, you can have more pleasant times outside. There are so many trails and hikes to explore that the new year is the perfect time to start. While it may feel like work and exercise for your body, you can observe all the beautiful sights and sounds around the area. There are great resources that can help you decipher the hike’s intensity and ensure it will not be too hard on your body. Resources like AllTrails give you a great description of the hike and even information such as parking that can make your experience easier. If it is too cold to consider some of these hikes now, you can make plans for which ones you want to hike eventually later in the year. 

Try Out Local Exercise Opportunities 

Your surrounding area may have exercise opportunities you have not encountered before. New places open up all the time, whether it is yoga, pilates, CrossFit, or another type of exercise. By paying attention to new openings in your city, you may find a type you have not tried before. This can also be a great way to get to know new people as you meet them in the various classes. Many new places offer a first class free which can let you decide if it is something you are interested in exploring further.   

Look Into Interest Clubs 

You may find an interest club that also suits your lifestyle! Have you ever considered dance classes? Maybe even a bowling league? These options are great ways to get your body moving that do not entail taking away the fun. If you do not want to go alone, bring along friends or family who would also be interested. It is a great social opportunity, not just a source of movement. Social media is a great way to find these, alongside word of mouth around the community. You never know what new activities you might find! 

Take The Stairs 

You have probably heard that simply taking the stairs can benefit your health. It may seem too easy for new activities, but the benefits are real. It has been found that taking the stairs over the elevator can improve cardiovascular health, reduce cholesterol levels, and increase muscular strength. Alongside those benefits, the stairs burn more calories and aid in weight management. Next time you see there are stairs to use instead of an elevator, try it out!  

Getting active for your orthopedic health does not have to be boring! These new activities could be a way to bring a new hobby into your life as well. While resolutions can be difficult to maintain, these are more chances to move out into your community. Are you looking for even more new activities to bring into 2023? Our South Shore Orthopedics team is happy to discuss which ones are the best fit for your situation. Check out our website or give us a call at (781) 337-5555 for more information.