There is more to your orthopedic health than just a trip to the doctor. Staying up-to-date with resources and information can help you avoid problems altogether. However, it is essential to use sources that you can trust. 

As a practice, South Shore Orthopedics has compiled a list of resources for your orthopedic health. Authentic and doctor-backed resources can help you understand your health history and billing! There is much to know, but this is an easy place to start. 

The Resources To Know For Orthopedic Health 

Rehab Protocols

One of our favorite resources to know for orthopedic health through South Shore Orthopedics is the rehab protocols. Once you have gone through a procedure, the amount of information to understand can be overwhelming. While our team will provide you with ample information after the fact, we also thought it would be helpful to provide you with all the information through our website. 

By reaching the Rehab Protocols page of our website, you will find detailed information regarding rehab for every surgery we offer. This includes information on the shoulder, knee, hip, foot, ankle, and spine. Once you decide which category you fall into, you will find a PDF document for each procedure.  

Not only can you find a detailed PDF, but there are also rehab protocol videos for a few of the available movements. These are instruction-based and offer you the chance to complete the movements in the comfort of your own home. 

Animation Videos 

Alongside the rehab protocol videos are educational animation videos. Each of these answers questions you may have about specific areas of the body, such as your knee or elbow. By simply clicking on the body part you are interested in, you can find animated videos detailing the procedures you may require for that particular body part. For example, you can click on “shoulder” and find an animated video of a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement for you to learn from. 

This is a great way to feel prepared for a procedure if you have one planned. It can give insight and understanding where there may not have been before. Unlike the rehab protocols, these are best to learn more about before going in for the procedure to know what to expect. It can also be a great way to determine if you have any questions regarding the procedure before it occurs. 

Links To Try

Besides the content South Shore Orthopedics has created to help answer questions, we provide links to other great resources. Using the Educational Websites section of our website, you can try out other sources of information. This includes everything from the American College of Sports Medicine to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative.  

If you cannot find the information you seek through these sources, we are just a phone call away to answer your questions. 

Understanding Billing

Besides the medical information we provide, we know billing can also be complicated. That is why we created a series of answers to the main questions we typically receive regarding the topic of billing. This stems from providing information about our Health iPass portal, where patients can check into their appointment and pay for any leftover procedures they may have. Alongside this portal, you can find information about insurance and other payment methods that can answer your questions. 

If you still have questions after reviewing this page on the website, our team is here to help you find the answers you need. 


There is always more to learn about orthopedic health. With these resources, we hope to create a collection of knowledge for anyone to pull from. Do you have a question that even these resources can’t answer? Our team is ready to help. Learn more about requesting an appointment through our website or give us a call at (781) 337-5555 for more information.