Patient at clinic with injured knee assisted by senior doctor. Elderly female doctor assessing mans leg injury; blog: benefits of orthopedic physical therapy

 It is very common to experience weakness, tenderness, and stiffness following surgery. This is due not only to the strain the operation puts on the body, but to the lack of exercise and mobility one undergoes following the procedure. After much stagnancy, the body needs to undergo a period of rebuilding and healing. That is where orthopedic physical therapy comes in. October is National Physical Therapy month, so we thought we would share some of the benefits of orthopedic physical therapy after surgery.

1. Increased Mobility 

 After an operation, mobility is often very limited. And without proper care management and treatment, the problem can persist and even worsen. With good orthopedic physical therapy however, you can regain and even improve your mobility through a regimen of stretching and exercise. In most cases, this also involves devices like canes, crutches, braces, and other special aids that will support you as you gradually rebuild your range of motion. This type of training is the only way to ensure you both the ability to move freely and help prevent any problems that might require further surgeries later on. 

2. Regained Strength 

 Outside of mobility, rebuilding strength is one of the most important aspects of recovering after surgery. Often, you will lose significant muscular strength post-procedure due to stagnancy and pain. And in many cases, especially with the elderly, this strength is never regained without proper rehabilitation. Yet, orthopedic physical therapy, through specific exercises, can build muscle strength back to its normal functioning level–if not, higher than it was pre-surgery. As the muscle rebuilds and regains regular usage, other negative symptoms will improve as well. 

3.  Controlled Pain

Good orthopedic physical therapy can help eliminate pain, lessening the need for pain medication that may have other negative side-effects. Therapists may massage the sensitive areas where the tissue might be stiff or sensitive post-operation. This can reduce stiffness leading to less pain. Temperature therapy might also be used, as ice packs will reduce inflammation and heated pads will loosen tightness and pressure. Other treatments like TENS–a type of electric nerve stimulation therapy–and exercises geared towards pain management have proven highly effective in eliminating pain and getting patients back to a normal level of health. 

4. Improved Blood Circulation

 Without proper blood circulation, your body can have a hard time healing and getting back to normal. Unfortunately, without therapy, you may restrict good blood flow by remaining stagnant, sitting or lying down for large parts of the day. This can prohibit healing at the surgery’s site and lead to more pain, infection, and lack of mobility. Yet, with orthopedic physical therapy, blood flow is maximized and the recovering parts of the body begin to receive the nutrients they need to recover and improve. This is accomplished through strategic positioning of the body, as well as through exercises that get your blood flowing in a controlled and manageable way.

5.  Regaining Balance and Control           

 For some, regaining the ability to balance freely after an intensive operation, especially one on the hip or lower body, can prove challenging. And the risks of moving around without the assistance of therapists can leave you stationary or risking re-injury through a fall. Luckily, therapy can provide a safe and gradual plan to get you confidently back on your feet. And If the surgery took place in the arm, wrist, or hand, therapists can help you sharpen your fine motor skills again. Overall, orthopedic physical therapy will give you all the tools you need to regain your balance and control and to get back to your normal routine.

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