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    Questions answered promptly and at the post op appointment his explanation was thorough. All of his team is knowledgeable and treated me respectfully and with kindness. Bernie is great and spends a lot of time with you to be sure you understand what is going on, why, and what treatment options are available.

    ~Patient of Dr. Michael Marchetti

    I really appreciated the fact that anytimeI called with a issue Dr. Marchetti, Bernie and the rest of the staff would get right back to me and advise me how to handle the issue or make a appointment for me to come in as quickly as possible.

    ~Patient of Dr. Michael Marchetti

    Dr. Dafford instilled great confidence that the surgery would solve the problem and I would make a full recovery. I would highly recommend her.

    ~Patient of Dr. Erica Dafford

    I can not recommend anyone else but Dr.  Kadzielski! He’s done cortisone shots and most recently repaired my elbow. Dr. K is so knowledgeable and understanding! He typically always runs “on-time”! The practice itself is very clean and the staff is awesome. Please don’t go elsewhere; you’d regret it.

    ~Patient of Dr. Kazielski

    Initially exploring all options prior to surgery. Then involving me in preparation for my knee replacement, keeping me focused forward during the process and encouraging my continuing PT after my procedure. My results in two and a half weeks have been solid and progressive.

    ~Patient of Dr. Michael Ayers

    I mentioned previously, but the pre-op class, the literature, this health portal, were all wonderful in easing our minds when going into the surgery. We also knew we were in a place that does this so often, which is reassuring. We had several recommendations to see Dr Ayers for the hip, and we were not disappointed. So far everything is going very well.

    ~Patient of Dr. Michael Ayers

    His team was very kind and compassionate. They made sure I was very well informed prior to surgery and made sure I wasn’t afraid on the day of my actual surgery.

    ~Patient of Dr. Michael Geary

    Thorough, efficient, and clear…..Surgeon exuded confidence, and everything turned out as he forecasted.

    ~Patient of Dr. Dr. John Kadzielski

    Every office visit has been a positive experience. The staff is very caring. When I called about the pain I was suffering from the physical therapy, I received a call back within ten minutes; and eventually the problem was resolved.

    ~Patient of Dr. Michael Ayers

    I have been a patient of Dr. Seidman for almost 5 years. To say that he goes above and beyond, is a complete understatement. He is truly the most compassionate, caring, and genuine surgeon that I have ever been treated by. He has always spent more than ample time with me, and has never left me with unanswered questions. The medical field could learn alot from him, and he is most definitely an asset to South Shore Orthopedics as well as to anyone who has the privilege of being under his care!

    ~Patient of Dr. Seidman

    I had knee surgery under the care of Dr. McConville and his team. Everything went great from start to finish. He and his team are prompt, courteous and caring. Appointments were easy to schedule and were on-time. I was amazed at how easy and trouble free the entire process was. I would highly recommend Dr. McConville and his staff at So. Sh. Orthopedics. Excellent Care/Excellent Doctor/Excellent Facility!

    ~Patient of Dr. McConville