When dealing with an orthopedic issue, the idea of surgery can seem daunting. What you might not realize is that often, treatment for orthopedic problems can be done with non-invasive treatments. There are some situations in which this does not apply, but you can find that out early to only do what is necessary. Many treatment plans in orthopedic medicine are made up of multiple parts, ensuring each part of the body is meeting its needs. This may mean a combination of injection, physical therapy, and sometimes even medication as well. 

Understanding Non-Invasive Treatments 

Non-invasive treatments can look like a variety of different things. Everyone’s situation requires a different level of expertise and treatment that you can find at South Shore Orthopedics. Here, we are dedicated to giving you the best level of care while making sure that the correct steps are being taken for your unique needs. 


Medication may seem like an obvious choice, but it is one of the most effective of the types of non-invasive treatments. There are many different types of medication that perform various roles in the body. For orthopedic injuries, this commonly looks like a doctor prescribing anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants. When it comes to medication for pain relief, an orthopedic doctor will most likely recommend over-the-counter options first before prescribing something stronger.  

This is often a solution that is paired with the rest of a treatment plan to reach optimal results. If you have questions about the medication you are taking, or one you feel may apply to your situation, this is a great topic to bring up to your doctor at your next visit. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another non-invasive treatment that orthopedic doctors gravitate towards. Oftentimes, every treatment plan requires some level of physical therapy. Whether that means working on strength or even range of motion, the plan is made to fit your situation. While it can be a more intensive treatment plan, the results are long-term solutions to your orthopedic needs. 

Cortisone Shots

While a needle can be declared invasive for some, steroid injections are another procedure often considered by orthopedic doctors. The Mayo Clinic details the role of cortisone shots as injections that help relieve pain and inflammation in specific areas of the body. They are commonly used to treat inflammatory arthritis, along with being part of the treatment plan for other orthopedic issues. 

Nerve Blocks 

Nerve blocks are used as the delivery of anesthetic to the area around the nerves that send pain signals to the brain. This begins with the orthopedic doctor locating the area of the pain to know which nerve or collection of nerves that are causing the pain. The process of locating these nerves is done with image-guided technology. 

Platelet Rich Plasma 

Core Medical Wellness explains the use of platelet-rich plasma in non-invasive treatments. These are injections that are able to repair damaged joints, ligaments, and tendons. The procedure itself only takes about 30 minutes. While it is only an injection, it is deemed far less invasive than other procedures that require surgery. 


Going into an orthopedic doctor’s office with a medical issue can seem intimidating if you are worried about the procedure. However, there are so many non-invasive treatments available now that there is much less to worry about. One of the five we have described may even be the help you have been looking for. Are you struggling with an orthopedic issue that may require one of these non-invasive treatments? Our medical staff at South Shore Orthopedics are here to help and answer any questions you may have. Check out our website or give us a call at (781) 337-5555.