Our way of life has significantly changed in the past few years – students attend school online, and many work remotely from home. Additionally, fewer social outings have led to increased overall screen time. Poor posture and deconditioning of your back muscles have likely followed suit. Back pain that arises can be increased by other pandemic-associated risk factors: emotional stress, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating. 

At South Shore Orthopedics, we constantly hear from patients encountering back problems. We know this can feel debilitating during normal day activities. It can feel like normal is not obtainable anymore! Here are four tips to improve your spine health. 


We have all been victims of increased sedentary activity during remote work and anything in between. Increasing your activity levels can help increase the muscle strength that supports your spine. Going for a walk outside can go a long way towards improving back pain and preventing the recurrence of back pain.

It may seem simple, but movement is essential to remain strong and happy. Finding new ways to introduce this daily can make all the difference. 


While working/learning on a computer, it is crucial to have proper posture to avoid unnatural body positions, which can contribute to back pain. We spend a significant amount of time in our workspaces. Your workspace consists of a well-padded chair with your feet planted on the ground. Your screen should be positioned on a table at eye level so you do not have to “bend” your body and expend extra energy. We recommend avoiding working/learning on the couch or lying in bed. This can be a perfect recipe for neck and back pain!

Discuss it with your orthopedic doctor if you are trying to create a more back-friendly workspace at home! We will have many ideas and solutions to help transform your space. 


Activity and proper posture are not enough to optimize your spine health. A regular stretching and exercise routine is essential to strengthen the muscles supporting your back. Yoga and core exercises are perfect.

However, these movements do not have to be in a studio or with an instructor. There are plenty of resources online that can give you direction without ever having to leave home. Incorporating these exercises in the morning or at night can keep you on schedule for your day and allow for essential stretches. 


It is easy for time to escape us during long sessions of remote learning and working.  It is essential to take a break to refresh your mind and improve focus. Removing yourself from your workstation is also an excellent time to check in with your body. Assess if your posture is optimal. Do a few stretches. You will find that taking brief, regular breaks will increase your work efficiency and endurance!

Just as your mind needs breaks to function at its best fully, your body is the same way. Without rest, it can not live up to its full potential. This also plays into the importance of sleep, which is a time for your body to rest and heal. 

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Keeping your back happy does not have to be a battle. These four simple tips are already going to transform the way you feel. From here, there are even more decisions to make that can put you on the path toward a healthy and happy back. Are you interested in learning more about back issues and what could be causing them? Contact our team today, and we will be happy to get a consultation on the schedule.