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Category Archives: Joint Pain

  1. Are Digital Devices to Blame For Your Joint Pain?

    The average adult spends 5.9 hours with digital media each day–a number which has skyrocketed in the past decade. When you consider this usage includes smartphones, desktops, laptops, and other connected devices like over-the-top streaming devices and game consoles, it’s a little surprising that the number isn’t higher. While they certainly come with added convenience,…

  2. Causes of Joint Inflammation

    Joints can be found where two or more bones meet. They allow us to move our fingers, legs, toes, back, arms, and other body parts. In order to remain physically active and lead a high-quality life, maintaining healthy joints is crucial. Types of Joints There are several different types of joints in the human body….

  3. 7 Ways to Achieve Sore Joint Relief

    Whether you suffer from a chronic condition like arthritis or pushed yourself a little too hard at the gym this week, sore joints can be painful. Even when the pain is mild, it is irritating enough to put a damper on everyday activities. Here are 7 ways that you can achieve sore joint relief: 1….