Orthopedic injuries are often contingent on the activity that caused them. This is even more prevalent when it comes to sports. Each sport has its own common orthopedic injuries that often even have some overlap. Learning what injuries accompany certain sports can make it easier to try to avoid them. 

Orthopedic Injuries Categorized By Sport

At South Shore Orthopedics, we are here to inform and educate people to better take care of their bodies. Understanding how certain sports bring on injury is an essential step in that process for athletic patients. Here, we dig into what that means in individual sports. 


Football can come with a variety of different injuries. There are many ways that these players become injured, whether it be in a game, practice, or even the corresponding workouts. According to the Neuroscience and Spine Associates, the most commonly seen injuries for athletes in the world of football are ACL tears, meniscus tears in the knee, and AC joint injuries of the shoulder. Each of these is often seen as dependent on the position of the player. 


Volleyball brings on a different movement, and with it, new common orthopedic injuries. When on the court, the speed and intensity of a volleyball player’s moves can present them with possible injury. According to the Children’s Hospital Colorado, the most common of these are ankle sprains, finger injuries and jams, patellar tendonitis, and overuse of the rotator cuff muscles. 


Basketball’s pace and movement have their own realm of injuries as well. When athletes are experiencing quick changes of pace while also interacting with another team in their space, it can lead to unavoidable collisions and injury. The most common orthopedic injuries for basketball are ankle sprains, jammed fingers, knee injuries, deep thigh bruising, facial cuts, and foot fractures. 


Add skates to the equation and there is a whole new list to consider for hockey. When considering the cause of these injuries, it is important to consider the presence of movement on ice and skates, while also having to connect with the other team over the puck. Here, the most common orthopedic injuries are separated shoulders, MCL injuries, hamstring pull, and ankle sprain. 

There is a commonality between movement and injury for each sport, but it is also important to incorporate setting as well. Something like ice makes it very easy for a person to bring on an injury during play.

Baseball & Softball 

Baseball and softball are often equated with common orthopedic injuries in the upper body. The frequent use of the arms to catch and throw the ball leads to issues with those areas of muscle and bone. These are often seen as ulnar collateral ligament injuries, shoulder tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, and even neck and back pain. 


Soccer also encounters its own common orthopedic injuries. This is often seen in the lower half of the body as most of the action that a soccer player is experiencing comes from kicking and receiving the ball. Here, soccer players often experience shin splints, patellar tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, calf muscle strains, and sometimes stress fractures.  

The world of sports is accompanied by common orthopedic injuries. Recognizing what the most common injuries are for your sport can give you the opportunity to prepare your body and focus on strengthening those areas. You may even consider a change that would benefit your performance. Are you suffering from a sport-related injury? South Shore Orthopedics can help you find the treatment that you need to get back into the game. Check out our website or give us a call at (781) 337-5555 for more information or to schedule an appointment.