As the colder weather starts to sneak in, so can opportunities for slips and falls. The outdoors can become a landmine of potentially disastrous situations, whether it be snow, ice, or even cold rain. When this occurs, you can never be sure what body part would be injured. Maybe you fall onto your wrist or a hard fall onto your hip. However you land, the result could require you to be in an orthopedic doctor’s office immediately. 

While we will happily treat your condition caused by winter slips and falls, South Shore Orthopedics wants to ensure we give you the knowledge and expertise to avoid needing our services this season. Here are five tips for preventing these injuries and keeping you enjoying the winter rather than waiting for treatment in our office!  

Preventing Winter Slips and Falls 

Always Wear Appropriate Footwear Outside 

Before you even head out the door, knowing you have the proper footwear can save you some hassle. This usually depends on the weather you are experiencing at a given time. If it is raining, something as simple as rain boots can help you get through the water dry and prevent a lack of control on the ground. You can plan accordingly once you know what is going on outside or even what went on the night before. 

Use Handrails When They Are Available 

Those handrails are there for a reason! If you are walking along a pathway that offers the security of a railing, take advantage of it. This can help prevent a fall on any slick surface as you can steady yourself better than without it. It may even mean walking a different way than usual, giving you the chance to use a railing instead. 

Avoid Being In A Rush

If you have the opportunity to plan errands and appointments in advance, give yourself the time to get there. Often, people can lose control and encounter a fall when they are already in a rush. Running or rushing in a slippery area makes your chances of falling even more significant. This may be the chance to bring new planning methods into your routine that makes it, so you have ample amount of time to get from place to place. 

Keep Your Hands Free

If you do not have the advantage of a handrail, keep your hands otherwise free to stabilize yourself if necessary. This means keeping your phone, keys, and even a coffee cup, out of your hands until you know you can make it to the next destination safely on your feet. This may even be your chance to catch yourself if the fall happens. 

Watch Out For Slippery Floors Inside 

Sometimes the danger to avoid is not only the weather outside. Once people have been outside, the floors can become slippery from water left on shoes or even from the doorway. You may think that once you have walked inside, you have avoided it all, but this can be a sneak attack you did not expect.  


Don’t spend your holidays at an orthopedic doctor’s office this winter! With these five tips, you can prevent those winter slips and falls in no time. There are so many types of weather to consider, so having practices that match any type can help you not worry about whether it will be effective. Have you encountered a cold weather fall that has you wondering if there is an orthopedic injury? It may be time to contact an orthopedic doctor to start getting on the path to recovery. South Shore Orthopedics is here to help! Check out our website or give us a call at (781) 337-5555 for more information.