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  1. 10 Tips to Train for Your First Race

    The world’s oldest marathon and New England’s most widely viewed sporting event is just a few weeks away–the Boston Marathon. Maybe it’s a bucket list item for you or maybe you simply just want to run a 5K. Whatever your goal or running experience level may be, training is an important component to achieving it….

  2. Kick These 8 Bad Habits to Improve Your Bone Health in the New Year

    The best kind of New Year’s resolution to make is one that you can keep. Resolve to make bone health a priority in 2019. Did you know that your bones are living tissues just like your muscles? They provide structure, protect organs, anchor muscles and store calcium. By taking steps to preserve and protect your…

  3. Is Partial Knee Replacement Surgery Better Than Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

    An estimated 100 million American suffer from some type of chronic pain, and of them, knee pain is the second most common cause. Joint replacement surgery is often recommended for those who are unable to perform everyday tasks, such as sleeping, without difficulty and pain. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, more…